February 3, 2016 SekyuritiBijon Invisible Camera Complete Hidden Canter Lens Full HD 1080 Spy Eyewear Glasses Camera

SekyuritiBijon Invisible Camera Complete Hidden Canter Lens Full HD 1080 Spy Eyewear Glasses Camera

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  • Spy Camera HD Audio Video Recording – Fashion keeps up closely with vogue steps, A perfect embrace of fashion concepts and factors available for picky trend-spotter
  • Spy Camera in Spectacles – World’s first complete hidden HD quality video camera eye wear with encryption read disk function, Brilliant and rich natural colors, good video kts record little dark because lens hidden back black frame
  • Spy Camera for Home – Totally hidden lens, 32 GB memory card for long recording 2 hours battery backup and 5 hours stand by time, Flexible design suits for different faces for different races and ages
  • Spy Specks Hidden Camera Wireless – 5 mega pixels CMOS camera for clear digital video recording, Easy connection with PC/Laptops, no driver needed, User friendly operation button for easy control, Real-time recording, never let memorable moments sneak away from life, A must for trend-spotter, journalist, traffic police, travelers, hikers, mount climbers, students, life-lovers

Product description

Spy Specks Camera – Kindly Open the product and keep on charge for 1 hour (charging can be done through laptop or electricity whichever convenient. (WHILE CHARGING ORANGE LIGHT FLASHES CONTINUOUSLY WHEN IT STOPPED THAT MEANS CHARGING HAS COMPLETED, IF LIGHT DON’T STOP FLASHING AFTER 60 MIN THAN ALSO REMOVE FROM CHARGE). Prefer laptop or desktop mostly you can use electricity mode for charge any time (but the charger quality should be good). Battery Charging time 1. Please switch off the Specks Camera first and than keep for charging 2. Please don’t charge more than 60-90 min …. 3. While charging ORANGE light indicate continuously and when it stop charging complete … 4. If the charging cross 60 min and yellow light don’t stop than also remove from the Laptop / desktop. HOW TO USE IT: 1.LONG PRESS ON/OFF BUTTON ORANGE LIGHT ON…2.SHORT PRESS SAME BUTTON ORANGE LIGHT BLINK 4-5 TIMES AND OFF RECORDING START…3.PRESS ONCE SAME BUTTON BLUE LIGHT BLINK CAMERA OFF AND RECORDING SAVE. SPY CAMERA FOR HOME – SPY HD VIDEO RECORDING CAMERA – SPY AUDIO VIDEO RECORDER – HIDDEN WIRELESS CAM

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