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Fire Security System

Description to be mentioned –

“Fire RID” Bluescope automated fire extinguisher which activates and extinguishes fire when the solution reaches the temperature of 84°C; Non Toxic & Eco- friendly Chemical; Length – 307mm; Diameter – 60mm; Gross Weight – 1025 gram; Net Weight – 800 gram; Volume – 580ml; Fire extinguisher Coverage Area in automated Mode – 16 cubic meters; Effective Extinguishing Time – 7 to 17 seconds; Applicable on A, B, C, E & K Class of Fire; Certification Body – ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001: 2015; OHSAS 18001: 2007; Intertek Certified;

Warranty – 10 Years

Advantages of “Fire Rid” : –

  1. High efficiency on class A, B, C, E and K types of fire.
  2. 10 years warranty.
  3. No refilling cost.
  4. Easy to install & simple to use.
  5. Can be used in 3 ways. Automatic mode/ Manual throwing & Diluting with water.
  6. Diluting with water enhancing its power as well as multiplies it’s effect.
  7. It prevents re-ignition.
  8. No collateral damages.
  9. Very small in size & require minimal place to install.
  10. Aesthetic looks & very stylish from interior décor perspective.
  11. Work in extreme weather conditions (-23° C to + 70°C).
  12. Does not need to lay down a cable, power supply or water pipe.
  13. Doesn’t require any maintenance for 10 years.
  14. It works 24 X 7 & can be used simply in case of panic situation.
  15. Doesn’t cause any damage in electrical systems, machines etc.
  16. Environment-friendly& Non-toxic on humans and other organisms.
  17. The special glass based fire extinguisher breaks into pieces without edges.
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